Short Story written by: Cecijorgesofi

George, the farmer, had breakfast every morning at the same time, before sunrise. Had breakfast all together, drinking the milk of Cowy the cow, so fresh and delicious that Sophie drank two glasses of milk every day.

Cowy, the cow, was near the family´s house, at the other side of the pen, she was not alone, besides her mom and her dad, there was a rabbit whom Sophie had called Fluffy, because he had a very spongy tail, white like cotton.

Short stories - the brave little farm pig

Fluffy was so lively, always jumping, jumped so high that used to reach the cow’s back and both walked together around the farmer. Fluffy loved Cowy carrying him until the vegetables, because he liked to eat the carrots planted by George, the farmer.

When Sophie saw it, gave him the biggest carrot instead of getting angry, because she wanted her animals to healthy and happy. The animals of the farm were very happy, that is why the cows gave lots of milk, and the hens laid lots of eggs.

They were a big united family.



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