Short Story written by: Martha Bianchi.

Once upon a time, there was a lady rat called Emily who couldn’t read. She lived in a tree and every morning used to put on her glasses to read the newspaper, but today she couldn’t read it.

“My glasses mst be dirty” – she thought

She met a squirrel one day and asked her: “Do you read daily?”

Short stories - The squirrel and the forest fire

“Of course” – said the squirrel.

“I can´t because my glasses are too old and dirty.” – replied Emily

“You have to go to school to learn to read” – said the squirrel before leaving.

This didn´t convince the lady rat, and she continued until she met a rabbit.

“Can you read?” – she asked.

“Of course, I´m coming from school and have my bag full of books.” – said the rabbit.

“I can´t, my glasses are too old” – said Emily, and left the place a little sad.

She kept on walking and met a dog and asked him too:

“Have you read the newspaper today?”

“Yes, I do every day.” – replied the dog.

“Do you wear glasses?” – Asked Emily.

“No, I go to school.

Emily stood there thinking and decided to act, so the next day she bought pencils, a book bag and a notebook and went to school.

After a few weeks she was so proud of what she had learnt that when she saw a hen walking around she ran to ask her:

“Can you read?”

“Of course, I read every day.” – said the hen.

And Emily, very happy, could finally say: “Me too! I´m learning at school.

She was so happy that she held a party and invited all her friends and announced that she was able to read and was reading a book every night and advised those who couldn´t read to go to school to learn.




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