Short Story for Kids written by: Luis Fernando Quezada Arbulú.

This is the story of Bubu and Coco, two little mice brothers, who love adventure. Coco is very curious and careful, but Bubu loves pranks.

Coco wakes up early and greets his parents before going to have a wash the bathroom, but Bubu loves sleeping late.

short story mice mouse hamster animal

Coco makes the bed with his dad´s help, and gets dressed, but Bubu is so small and his gestures are so tender that his mum dresses him.



At breakfast time the whole family are together. Coco sets the table and enjoys his food, while Bubu jumps happily on the furniture.

At the weekend it is time to go out and play. The two brothers go out to the field in search of a new adventure.

Mum and Dad let them go, because Coco is responsible and always looks after his brother. Bubu gives a big kiss to his mother and holds Coco´s hand.

-“Well done, Bubu!, says his Dad, “Now obey your brother always, and do not get separated from him!”

The siblings arrive to the forest, Bubu runs to climb a tree, Coco warns him to be careful, because there are bees flying around.

Bubu ingnores him and begins to annoy the bees. The bees surround him and Coco chases them away harmlessly. Bubu hugs his brother as he was quite scared, Coco warns him to be careful.

The two brothers arrive at a lake. Bubu loves water and goes in with his clothes on. Coco says:

-“No, wait! You will catch a cold  and that will make mum very worried”.

Coco puts on his swimming trunks and the two mice have fun. Once out of the lake, a strong “achoo!” sounds. Bubu has caught a cold, Coco wraps him up warmly and takes him home.

Bubu, who has caught a fever and is sneezing, apologises to his Mum and Dad and says:

-“Thank you brother, for always taking care of me, I will be like you when I´m older”.


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