Short Story for boys and girls written by: Luis Muñoz (Spain).

There was a country house in a beautiful valley. It was very big, beautiful, built with good taste, and full of details.

The owner was a well off landowner called John. He was a person who had a good heart, loved animals, and he liked going hunting.

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He used to capture different living birds and put them into cages. He liked seeing the animals close-up, to take care of them and to protect them. Before capturing them, these wild animals lived in the valley.



John had a fifteen year old son called Josh. He also liked animals and birds, but unlike his father, he didn´t like the way his father kept them inside cages, without being able to fly around. Josh liked them to be free, in their natural environment.

Sometimes, when his father wasn´t around, Josh freed some of the animals as he could not bear to see them suffering in the cages, even if they were quite comfortable.

His father used to capture, gazelles, cats, zebras, leopards, eagles, owls and many others and he never noticed that some of the cages were open and empty. Then one day, he did.

As John knew his son´s wish was to see the animals freed, he knew that it was him.

Josh was angry and without thinking decided to leave the country house without telling his dad.

After some days, his father became worried, because Josh wasn´t back. He even started to cry thinking that his son had left him forever.

Josh was his only child, and John loved him more than anything, more than the animals, as this was just a hobby to occupy himself.

John asked some of the workers in the house to go out and look for his son. They finally found him after a long time searching. He was in another country house with a friend.

John’s workers told Josh his father´s desires, begging him to come back and saying that he could do what he wanted with the animals and the cages, if only he would come back home.

This gave Josh the permission to free all the animals, to allow them to range free around the country house and in the valley.

So Josh went to see his father and told him he was coming back to release all the animals. He said that the doors of the cages and the doors in the fence surrounding the house were alway going to stay open so all the animals living there could move as they wanted, in or out, and whether they wanted to eat there or not.

And so that is what happened. The animals went in and out when they wanted, even other animals that had never been caged, went there too. They liked going because they were well cared for.

Josh and his father were very happy because they had made the right decision letting them free. John didn’t have to go hunting anymore as the animals went to his property on their own. The country house was always full of animals.

So, this very united family lived very happily with their wild animals and birds, making sure to take care of them

Wild animals should always be free enjoying their nature and environment.



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