Short Story written by: T.A.R.B

This is the story of Lily, the lying ant…

Lily the ant is queen of the biggest ant´s nest in the region and today was her birthday. She had organized a festival to celebrate it, a big party where ants came from all around the world to attend.

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There were red ants, black ants, weaver ants, leaf cutter ants from South America, and even the strange but friendly crazy ants. They were all there in the big hall, eating and drinking non-stop and they had all brought presents for Lily. It was at that moment when, Lily ant, seeing her friends there altogether, stood on the hall platform and thanked them for coming fro all over the world, and then said:

– “Sisters, I want to tell you my great feat and the reason why I´m now the greatest queen of all ants”

All the ants pricked up their antennas and listened the queen´s words.

-“One sunny afternoon” – said Lily – “when, walking through the leafy and green forest I met a huge and angry buffalo who, proud of his strength, wanted to fight me, but I punched him first and fractured his big jaw. The poor buffalo left crying while I left singing happily. I am Lily, the bravest ant in the forest, everybody fears me and nobody faces me!”

– “Oh! you are the best” – said the weaver ants – “but not the fiercest” – replied the leaf cutter from South America.

-“My fame…” – continued Lily – “has grown so much since then that, one morning during breakfast, a big tiger screamed at me:

Come here brave ant! Everybody in the forest fears you and nobody faces you! 

That´s right! – I said, and I  kicked him and knocked him down.

I am the bravest ant in the forest, everybody fears me and nobody faces me!” – She continued by saying – “I fought against an elephant, a polar bear, the furious lion and even against tanks of war, but I pushed them all into the water with my little legs. Once in the sea, a shark wanted to eat me, but I bit him and broke his fin.”

Suddenly, there was a big noise in the ant´s nest and a huge red beetle appeared. – “Lily, the ant!” – said the huge insect – “Let´s see if you are as brave as you say, fight with me.”

But Lily was shocked and trembled with fear. She said:

“Dear ants, nobody should lie, as things can go bad for liars. I´m a normal ant. I can´t even pursue a flea. I could die from a frog’s breath.”

At that moment that the beetle said: “I just wanted you to tell the truth.” – And then, he left.


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