Short Story written by: Ruderico Diaz (dedicated to my children: Carmela, Rude, Roman)

Once upon a time, there was a family of colourful mice, that were black, white, brown, yellow, red and even blue.

The dad and the mum of this big litter of mice were very proud of their children, especially with the diversity of colours that produced more colours when mixed, like green, orange, pink, beige and grey, making a magic and colourful prism which transmitted happiness to those who were sad,  just by looking at it.

Childrens stories - the tiny little mouse

The fame of this magic effect spread all over the world and that is why people from everywhere in the world would travel to their house for treatment of an illness or to recover their happiness.

A father in a faraway kingdom was very concerned about his sick son. He didn’t want to live anymore and was very sad and confused, but not due to any physical illness, he had just lost his happiness somewhere and couldn’t find it again.

When this father heard about the magic effect produced by the mix of mice colours he set out to find them and convince them to visit his poor sad son and save him.

When the father found the little mice, as he told them his problems, he could not suppress his tears because he thought that his unwell son was not going to recover.

The mice began to talk about how they might help, because they couldn’t travel so far from home due to all the people queuing up at their door.

One of them said to the father: “I have a curious idea. I think that we can succeed if we play around our naughty brother mouse. I am sure he will absorb all the colours and a big rainbow will appear.

The happy father mouse invited all his kids to dance and play around the naughty mouse and so concentrate all their colours in one place. Suddenly a range of infinite colours covered him like a magic suit, brilliant and spectacular. The father then told the naughty mouse to pay a visit th the poor boy and give him back his happiness.

The father of the sick boy and the naughty mouse returned to the faraway kingdom, where the kid was already asleep and didn’t want to wake up.

When his father and the mouse arrived they found this out and the father became very sad and started crying. He began to give up despite having made the effort to find the mice in such a faraway place.

Suddenly, the naughty mouse opened his colorful suit and began to dance, mixing all the colours to make a beautiful and colourful prism that sailed out of the room up into the sky. There it caught hold of happiness and then quickly descended to hug the sad kid and cover him with her love in a blanket of goodness, caressing him and whispering in his ear:

– “Wake up dear, your father is here and he wants to hug you”.

The kid opened his eyes and smiled. He hugged his father, kissed him and said:

– “Daddy, I finally woke from my strange dream in which I felt very sad because I couldn’t see you. But I have found you, thanks to God and my sadness is gone and my happiness is back. I love you!”.

At that moment the father realised that his son’s sadness was due to his numerous responsibilities, that had kept him so busy that he hadn’t had time to play, hug and kiss his son everyday when he woke up. So he promised to spend many hours with his son every day.


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