Short Story for Kids written by: Martha Bianchi (Argentina).

Once upon a time there was a wolf called Peter who lived in the forest. He was myopic, and had a big mouth with three teeth, and his favorite food were goat´s kids.

One day, he went for a walk through the forest with his son the little wolf, called Linus, and lost his glasses, so could not see anything.

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Began to look for them scared, but it was impossible to find them in the dense grass. His Son was helping him, but no signs of them either.

Suddenly, a kid of goat appeared and approached them:

– “Peter wolf, are you ok?”

-“I can´t see anything, I have lost my glasses”.

– “I will help you to find them” – said the kid.

The kid found them after a while!

-“Here, take them, now you can go back” – said.

The wolf was embarrassed at his bad intention, put on his glasses and took dejected his way back home. As Linus was hungry, his dad said:

-“I won´t hunt kids again! We will go to look for Tina cow´s milk, it´s delicious”.

-“Nice! I really like it!” – said the little wolf.

And they both went back home. Thus Peter wolf learnt the lesson.

And that is the end of the story…


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