Short Story written by: Sofia Abramo Castelli & Cecilia Castelli.

There was a pigpen beside the Red Horse´s stable, where Pigui, two sibling pigs and mum and dad lived. Pigui was very special, he was a pig who loved playing in the mud.

They were all very happy when Sophie played loud music for them, because Pigui used to dance. He was the only one who would move and wallow in the mud. He always ended up very , very dirty.


At lunchtime, mum and dad used to ask all the pigs to wash themselves and remove any mud, but Pigui had mud all over him. He could barely see through his eyes. He did not like water at all and did not want to get wet. Even when it rained Pegui wore rubber boots and every other accessory to avoid getting wet.

That pig danced and wallowed in the mud so much that his mum and dad could only wash his mouth so he could eat the corn that George, the farmer, had given them for lunch. Even so, his Mum would teach him how important it was to wash himself everyday, especially before lunch.

This was a normal day for the pig family and they were very happy to be together.


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