Short Story for boys and girls written by: Raúl Simao Ferraz.


….”Follow me! I will wait for you at the top of that mountain!”

And he flew away. The turtle did not hesitate to go to that distant place.

She walked through places she had never been before, saw things she had never seen before, and heard noises that were new for her.


Finally, after making a big effort, she arrived to the top of the mountain, where the bird was waiting for her. With her head lowered, looking at the ground, tired from her difficult journey, she recognized the bird´s legs and looked up at him.



– “Are you ready to fly?”.

The turtle was shocked and amazed enjoying the beauty of the bird’s wings, sometimes blinded when they made curtains in front of his eyes.

– “Walk some steps, walk until I say… there!, now, close your eyes!

The bird flew up, leaving behind him the most beautiful view of the beach from that height.

– “Breath deeply! Feel the wind on your face!” – he was whispering into her ear flying beside her – “Now, open your eyes and enjoy your flight!”

Her body didn´t seem to be so heavy at all. She could feel the strong breeze between her legs, as if they were wings. From afar, she could see the stone where she used to sit and watch the birds flying. Her life was so beautiful from this height, part of the landscape but distant at the same time.

– “Never raise your expectations! Let the world surprise you” – said the little bird.

The turtle understood the amazing secret for the first time. She understood that kind of happiness for the first time.

Back on the beach, sitting on her stone, she was never the same never again. She could now see the birds and fly with them. She only needed to close her eyes, to feel the breeze on her body, as though she had wings.

She could feel the colours, the smells, the sounds around her. She felt like she was part of that immensity in spite of being so small.

And, above all, she never stopped hearing that soft voice whispering into her ear, saying: “Enjoy your flight!”. Making her really happy ever since.

And that is the end of the story…


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