New Short Story for Children written by: Juliana Gonzalez.

Once upon a time…

There was a kitty called Blue, it was a carey cat with many colors like black, yellow…like a night of lots, lots of colors.

One day went to a house with his brothers and sisters, there were fewer cats because were giving them.

short story animal cat kitty

When the day finished Blue was still there, nobody wanted to take him. Weeks and months passed, but nobody wanted him, until the owner of the house got tired of the kitten and chased him out the house.



He was cold and hungry…one day, a girl with a flower on her head saw him and took him home with her. Took care of him, didn´t separate from him in any moment. When her mom arrived home and saw the kitty, hugged him until the next morning.

-“I don’t understand how could such a small cat live in the street” – said the mother to the girl.

But that does not matter any more, we already have our pet who makes us very happy, we have to take care of him, we don’t have to abuse him nor chase him out of the house. Because is a living being; besides he is a member of the family, we will give him so much affection and we will all live happily.


Moral of the Short Story: Animals are living beings, faithful and kind, give us so much affection and we have to give them affection too. Respect and take care of animals. Love animals.

Values of the Story: Generosity and goodness.


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