Short Story written by: Rotsen Zerep.

My classmates asked me what I had given my mum for Mother´s Day, and I told them I had given her her a caricature. They asked me why and I said I didn’t have money and that is why I had drawn her.

A month before Mother´s Day, I asked my mom to wake me up. When she did, she would sit and watch the news on TV, and when I had finished my breakfast I used to draw her without her even noticing.

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My cousins used to say that my drawings were quite infantile. They were right, but I liked them and I drew my mum every day and I thought my drawings were beautiful. I showed my mum and she really liked them, she hugged me and said that I was the best son in the world.

My mom used to say that she loved me more every day and that I was the apple of her eye.

My friends at school suggested that I could earn some money and buy her an expensive gift as they had done for their mothers. Influenced by them, I began to save up some money to buy her a more deserving present. I went to ask for perfume but it was too expensive, I then asked about some rings and necklaces but I didn’t have enough money for them either, so, I apologised to my mum for not being able to buy her something beautiful for her special day, and this is what she said:

– “I love you, and I´m not just saying this. Your friends´ mothers told me that your friends have been pressurising you into buying me something expensive, but that is not what I want. What I really like is that you have been drawing me every day for a month. I found your folder of drawings and all of them are beautiful. I told all the mothers what you had done and they were very jealous of me because their kids had only given them presents. You, my dear son, you are with me every morning and you have always painted things for me, which is better than buying something material”.

That is what my mum told me, and I told them, and they apologised.

My mum framed my paintings and I was so happy that ran to hug her. She hugged me too and said,Thanks for being my son”. She  told me that my friends were also drawing their mums and they were very happy too. And now I know that the price of a present is not what matters but the love you have put into it. I love you mum, and I want you to know that you will always be my heroine.

My only advice is: Tell your mother how much you love her. Say it every day, I know most of us do, but others are too embarrassed to say it.

People who think that mothers are those who cook for you, clean the house and other things, this is true, but there´s so much more. A mother is a security and love symbol.

Mother love is the first love, never forget it.


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