Short Story written by: Facundo Romero

A long time ago, all the creatures living in the forest were not happy because they missed beauty amongst the trees until a goblin said:

– “We have to create something to give beauty to the forest”.

And the others said: “Yes, but what can we create?” – they wondered.


The goblin replied: “I don´t know. We should ask the wisdom elf. The goblins and other animals set off to find the wisdom elf. When they found him, they asked what they could do to give beauty to the forest, and the elf said:

– “I don´t have that knowledge or the means to answer. You should visit the God of the forest. He will tell you what to do”.

The goblins thanked him and went to the big mountain where the God of the forest lived. When they arrived they asked him:

– “God of the forest, how can we give beauty to the forest?”

– “I will tell you under one condition.” – said the God of the forest.

– “What condition?” – asked the goblins.

-“You must bring me the eternal life ring, which is on the top of the biggest mountain.”

– “Ok, it´s a deal” – replied the goblins.

So the goblins began their trip to find the ring. On the way they began to wonder why a God would want an eternal life ring. One of the goblins said:

“I don´t know but it might not be for him.”

The goblins tried to figure it out but couldn’t imagine who he would give the ring to.

They arrived at the top of the mountain and stumbled upon a trol. They fought against the trol and defeated him. Then they took the ring and went back to the God’s palace and gave him the ring and he said:

– “Well done, goblins! Now, I need one last favor, go and find the Light Sorcerer. She lives in a small house nearby.

The goblins went to look for her, wondering, “Why does the God want us to find this Sorcerer?” – but they each said – “I don´t know”. When they arrived and knocked on the door, a young and beautiful girl opened it. She asked:

“Who are you looking for?”

“The Light Sorcerer” – said the goblins.

“That´s me” – said the girl – “What do you want?”

“The God of the forest wants to see you” – said the goblins.

“The God of the forest?” – asked the girl – “Yes” – replied the goblins – “I will go, then”, she said.

And they all went to the God’s palace. When they arrived, the God said:

“Hi Sorcerer, I have sent the goblins to find you because I wanted to ask you to marry me.”  The Sorcerer blushed and said: “I don´t know… Well, yes I will marry you!”

The God of the forest was very happy, he gave her the ring and told the all about something he would do to change the world. He would create a strange plant full of beautiful colours, and as the sorcerer was called Florence, he wpuld call the plant “Flower” in honour of Florence, the future queen. The God said:

– “Plant it and will grow really fast and it will produce lots more in different shapes and colours, some even with flavours”.

The goblins planted the flowers and a new time of happiness and prosperity began. Flowers emerged everywhere in a very short time.


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