Short Story written by: Ana Barchukderodriguez

A dragonfly is hanging around a lagoon, when it suddenly sees a frog crying on the bank.

– “What´s wrong?” – asks the dragonfly – “Why are you crying?”

Childrens stories - Flora the leaping frog

– “I want to go home, to the other side of the lagoon” – says the little frog – “but every time I try to enter the water my skin gets a rash, look!” – and the frog shows her leg to the dragonfly.

– “Poor little frog, the water of the lagoon is polluted and you can´t cross it” – says the dragonfly.

– “Don´t worry I´ll look for help!” – he says.

Excited by the idea, the frog waits for the dragonfly, and she calls out to all the animals to come to the lagoon to help.

A big group of animals appear, all kinds, lions, spiders, snails, monkeys, tigers, turtles, butterflies

They all come to help the frog and clean the lagoon. They put on gloves and begin.

Finally they get the water clean again and the little frog can go home.  The animals are happy for having done their work.

But unfortunately this happens quite often. Humans contaminate the environment which affects nature, the animals and every living being.

It´s time to stop pollution, Can you help us?




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