Short Story written by: Griselda Acosta.

Emily couldn´t wait for Sunday to arrive to visit her grandma and spend the day with her, cooking, making cookies and speaking with her Parrot.

She had a long blond ponytail and green eyes and loved the stories her grandma used to tell her after eating her cookies.


Every Sunday Emily waited impatiently for her grandma to pick her up. She was always nervous and anxious for her to arrive. In fact, Emily would cry until she got there.

When her grandma finally arrived, Emily jumped up and ran to hug her, and then hug Candy, her grandma´s dog.

Then they used to talk and sing on there way to granny´s house where they would begin their day together.

Granny would sit in the garden beside Emily telling her short stories while Candy ran and played around the house.

Then, at the end of the day, Emily grew sad again, as she didn´t want her grandma to stop telling her stories.

Her grandma always tried to comfort her by telling her stories she hadn’t yet told and they also talked about how many cookies they would cook together every Sunday.




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