Short Story written by: Yael Santos Diaz

There was a chick who was different to the rest because he was green, and all the animals always made fun of him.

– “I am lucky not to be ugly like the green chick” – said the other animals.

Every time the poor chick was alone he cried because of this.


Tired of the mocking, he decided to paint his feathers, but his mother didn´t agree with this, so instead, he bought a yellow chick costume to make his mother and himself happy with the idea. Well, actually his mum only let him wear the costume once.

Unfortunately, the rest of the animals made fun of him even when wearing the costume, and so he still didn’t know what the problem was.

His mum advised him to ignore them, because they were envious of him and that´s why they were so rude, but he wasn´t very confortable at school even by ignoring them.

So after a few weeks he took all his stuff and went to another chicken coop.

When he finally arrived, the new animals welcomed him and he lived there happily forever surrounded by friends and visiting his mother often.




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