Short Story written by: Ana

David can´t find his dinosaur, looks around for him but can´t find it.

He sees a little bird and asks him:

“Do you have my green dinosaur?”

The little bird says:

“I don´t play with dinosaurs, I play with the sun, the rain, the trees and the flowers, not with toys!”


Then he sees a ship and asks:

“Little ship, have you seen my green dinosaur?”

“I don´t sail with toys, I sail with tourists and sailors” – replies the ship.

David sits and starts crying. A man sees him and asks him:

“Why are you crying?”

“I´ve lost my green dinosaur, have you seen it?”

“Yes, I have!” – says the man -“He’s at the beach!”

David runs directly to the beach. When he arrives he finds his dinosaur swimming there:

“What are you doing?” – asks David.

“Getting clean


“Because I’m dirty from playing with you on the ground” – says the green dinosaur.

“Come here, let´s go home!” – says David

“No!” – says the dinosaur, and continues swimming.

David takes off his clothes and goes into the water, suddenly he wakes up crying hugging his pillow. He sees his green dinosaur beside him and kisses him:

“Let´s go and wash our faces, I dreamed you weren´t with me.”




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