Short Story for Kids written by: Ulica Tizaber.

Pooky was a boy from Alaska. He lived inside an igloo with his Eskimo family. They barely went out due to the weather conditions in his country, but they received many visits from foreign kids.

There was lot of tourism in Alaska and so there were many visitors. Pooky had to learn several languages.

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The first language and dialect he spoke was Yupik, from northern Alaska. This is the language he used to speak in to his family at home, especially with his grandparents.



He also learned to speak Russian, English, French and Spanish. He was a real multilingual boy and was so proud of it.

The words Pooky used were very different. He was a language expert which is why, when he talked to other children in their own language, Pooky enjoyed stealing their words.

How did he steal them? Easy, he kept the words that meant the same in all languages, but used a different pronunciation so that he and the other kids had to continue talking without using these stolen words.

It was like this until the day arrived when nobody could understand what the others were saying. Only Pooky was able to understand all his foreigner friends. Because he had all the possible translations needed to speak each language clearly. He hadn´t thought that if there were no kids to talk to, he wouldn´t have anything to learn.

When he realized this, he began to feel very sad and he felt sorry for everything he had done. From that day, little by little, he began to share out the words he had stolen until all the kids had theirs back, and he felt better.

That is how the eskimo boy understood that to listen and share with others is what matters in life.

And that is the end of the story…


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