Short Story written by: Juan pablo Urcola.

Rufus was living in a confortable and cute little house in garden full of lemon trees. He was a very happy and loving puppy; his paws were brown and his belly were a chocolate colour. He had big coffee-coloured eyes and his ears were like two cotton pompoms.

One day, Anna arrived home from school and went to look for Rufus to play with him, but Rufus wasn´t there.


-“Mum, mum! Rufus has gone. I´m calling him but he’s not coming.”

– “Keep looking for him honey, he must be inside his little house.”

Anna went to the garden to Rufus´ house, but he wasn´t there.

Well, let me tell you what was actually happening. As we all know, dogs are said to be capable of distinguishing two colours. This means they can´t appreciate all the colours we know, but Rufus was different because he could see all the colours!

The day before, Anna had hung a colourful art manual full of brilliant colours from the hall window that she’d made for her dad.

– “Happy Father´s day!” – said Anna happily.

– “Thank you Anna, what a beautiful present.” – said her father with tenderness.

– “I made it at school for you, do you like it? – asked Anna.

– “Yeeees! I love it! Let´s hang it in the hall so everyone that comes home can see it – said her father.

– “Yeees, good idea, daddy” – said Anna.

Rufus had discovered the awesome art manual full of colours and couldn´t stop looking at it. He had never seen anything so incredible before.

– “Anna? I’ve found Rufus!” – mum shouted.

Rufus was amazed and delighted staring at that decoration, astonished to see how the sun rays were illuminating each brilliant colour in the window. They were moving in the breeze, producing colourful visual effects and flooding the room with different colours.

Blue mixed together with yellow, red with green, green with pink, pink with light blue, light blue with purple and purple with orange.

To Rufus, it was a party – the colours party, and Rufus didn´t want it to miss it. Anna hugged Rufus laughing and shouted: “That´s a party! Let the colours party begin!”



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