Short Story written by: Niky

This is the legend of two witches, a good one, called Adrianna, and a bad one called Evilyn.

One dark afternoon, Adrianna went into the forest and by chance came upon a very charitable and lively girl called Lily, who also had a bad side.

Short stories - The twitchy witch

When Adrianna saw Lily crying beside a tree, she approached her and said:

“Hi girl, why are you so lonely and sad?”

But the girl did not say a word, so Adrianna asked again:

“Girl, I´m asking why are you so lonely and sad?”

And the girl said:

“Who are you and what do you want?”

And the witch said:

“I´m a good witch and my name is Adrianna. I just want to know what has happened to you so I can help you. I help children to do good things and to choose a good way“.

And the girl replied:

“I’ve heard that there’s a bad witch in the forest, called Evilyn. It is said that she turns good children into bad children”.

After a long time talking, the sky darkened and they could hear steps coming from somewhere far away. Lily asked Adrianna:

“Can you confirm to me that Evilyn the witch does not exist?”

“Evilyn and I were best friends, but then she began to do bad things to the kids living here, but you just have to be careful and think about what to choose.” – Adrianna said.

Then the good witch left. Suddenly the bad witch appeared and approached the girl. She smelled her and then took her home and tied her to a chair. – “Hahaha! if you tell anyone what I have done I will leave you in this house tied to the chair for the rest of your life!”

“Witch, please, don´t leave me here, I promise I won´t tell anyone” – replied the girl

But the bad witch ignored her and began to cook a poisonous soup in a huge pot with spiders webs and said the words:

“Pig legs, horse hoofs, spiders webs and cat hair!” – and suddenly a magic substance was created.

The girl managed to escape before eating the potion and had learnt an important lesson: Never go alone into the forest.



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