Short Story written by: Nuria Fernandez G.

Mario was a five year old boy, who was always jumping, running, and, of course, playing.

But he was a bit disorganised, always leaving his toys and clothes all over the house.


When his birthday arrived got lots of presents, but he especially like one of them, a costume of his favourite cartoon character. At the end of the day, after enjoying his birthday party, he left all his presents scattered around his room.

After some days the school organised a costume competition. Mario was very happy about this as it was his chance to wear his new costume and show it to everybody. But when he went to look for his costume in his room, he couldn’t find it.

His room was a mess with toys and clothes everywhere, on the bed, under the bed, on the floor, on the table. He searched for his costume all over the place but couldn’t find it. Furthermore he made more of a mess in his room while searching for it.

He began to cry and called his mom, who had told him to tidy his room many times before.

Finally he found his costume, but it was too late to participate in the competition.

Mario had learnt his lesson and became more organised, in such a way that the year after he went to the competition wearing his costume and won first prize!




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