Short Story written by: Valeria Nema

Thomas is a special dog. He has black eyes, his hair is black except his paws, which are white and this makes it look like he is wearing socks.

He lives on a beautiful beach where he sometimes swims alone in the calm water, and at other times is with other people swimming and playing.

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He loves cookies, loves to play with a ball, and to dig in the sand.

But he is a bit naughty and when he sees a ball, he can´t resist the temptation of running up and taking it and hiding it in the sand.

One day a little boy was building sand castles when lots of balls appeared under his castle. There were 124 tennis balls exactly!

When Thomas saw them, he ran to play with the little boy and realised that is was more fun to play with a friend than it was to play alone, and so he never hid a ball again.



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