Short Story written by: Mapy.

In a faraway bog lived three little frogs that were siblings, two girls and a boy called Croky and they all loved singing. The two girls had a very nice voice but Croky did not have the same talent as his sisters and didn´t sing very well.

Croky had a shrill voice. He felt very sad every time his sisters sang and could not understand why he wasn´t like them. He would hide somewhere in the forest to practice, but his voice was always the same.

Childrens stories - Flora the leaping frog

He was making a big effort to reach his dream, but it wasn’t working. One day when he thought he was alone he started crying. Suddenly, he heard a noise behind and stopped automatically.

He looked up and saw an old turtle coming towards him:

-“What´s wrong?” – asked the turtle

-“Well, nothing…” – Croky said – “Actually, I´m sad because I love singing but I´m not able to sing like my sisters who have great voices”.

– “Ok, so you think you can´t sing like your sisters,” – said the turtle with thoughtful look – “ok, let´s try something…”

The old turtle stood up and began to walk, Croky followed her until they came to a big cave: “I´m going inside the cave, you have to sing as loud as you can to make sure I can hear you from the cave. Try to enunciate clearly, meanwhile I will approach you little by little” – said the old turtle – “is that clear?”

– “It´s clear, but I´m not sure I’ll be able to.” – replied the little frog.

– “Let´s find out!, I trust in you!” – said the wise turtle trying to encourage him.


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