Short Story written by: Maria Abreu.

Martha went for a walk with her dog Tino to the park as every afternoon. Tino was a lucky dog, who never lacked anything as he always got what he wanted.

Once in the park, Martha released her dog and Timo was happy to run and play with other dogs.

Then, when he was tired of playing, Martha gave him some food as was her daily habit.


But on that day something different happened. While Tino was eating the piece of meat Martha gave him, another dog approached him.

It was a stray dog and was very hungry:

– “Could you give me some meat, please? I am very hungry” – Asked the stray dog.

Tino looked at him and said:

– “No way, I´m not sharing my food with stray dogs.”

Tino began to bark and the poor dog left the place.

Two days later, Martha and Tino went together to the park. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, Tino played with his friends and then suddenly realised that he had run far away from the park.

– “Where am I? How can I get Home?” – he thought, and began to walk aimlessly.

– What´s wrong? Why are you so worried? – somebody asked.

Tino looked around, it was the stray dog!

– I´m Tino, and I´m lost and I don´t know how to get back home” – said Tino.

– “Don´t worry, I know every street around here, I will help you.

– “I don´t understand.” – said Tino shocked – “I wasn´t nice to you, so why would you help me?”

- “Helping others makes us better and happier,” – said the stray dog. And they walked through the streets for several hours until thy found the house.

– “You are back! and I am so happy!” – said Martha when she saw Tino at the door.

Then, the stray dog turned around and Tino cried and barked until Martha said:

– “I know what you want.”

And she adopted the stray dog, who lived happily with his new friends Tino and Martha. Tino had learnt a lesson and became a very nice and generous dog.



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