Short Story written by: Ulica Tizaber

Doggy´s owners lived in a little village and decided to get a dog.. It was a difficult decision, they really wanted to have a dog, but at the same time it was a big responsibility.

When they finally adopted him, they were very happy. They went out for a walk every day with Doggy and to the mountain every weekend. He was a good dog, very nice and polite.


Short Stories Chopi


Summer arrived and Doggy and his owners went to a holiday beach house owned by another family. When they arrived something happened. But the owners didn’t like dogs. Then, Doggy heard a strange, sobbing noise coming from the house. So he went into the house to find out what that strange noise was. It was the owners´s newborn niece.

When he saw the baby, he thought: “Oh, she is so beautiful, why is she crying?”

Suddenly the owner appeared and saw that Doggy was inside the house and he got angry with Doggy. The next day, Doggy went inside the house again and followed the baby´s sobbing, and when the baby girl saw Doggy she stopped crying.

All the family realised how Doggy could calm down the baby and how special he was, and so they were all glad to have him at the beach house. Doggy has been to the holiday house every summer since then.



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