Short Story for Kids written by: Sandy Romina Cordova (Ecuador)

Once upon a time, there were two siblings that were always fighting for many reasons, but the principal reason was because one of them was always taking the other´s things.

It was really annoying to hear them screaming and fighting every time because of everything.


One day, the two siblings were alone at home. Their aunt had gone with their mom to their big sister´s job, because she could not handle with it alone, because she was studying at the same time.

The two siblings fell asleep, after a pair of hours sleeping, woke up and realized that their mom and their aunt were not there. They began to cry, thinking that it was their fault, that they had gone because all their fights.

When all the family arrived home later, the two siblings were very happy. They learnt that fighting is not good for them and for the others, so learnt the lesson, and began to get along with each other and to share their things.



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