Short Story written by: Lina Michael Delgado

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Lynn who loved to have friends at school. One day, she met a girl called Lauren, a creative and studious girl always helped by others.

One day, Lynn asked Lauren to be friends, and Lauren said:

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

– Of course! I have always wanted to be your friend.

As time passed they became very good friends, until Lauren´s dad received unexpected news. He had been transferred to another city, and Lauren would have to leave.

Lynn was very sad when heard the news, and told Lauren that she would always remember her as a great friend even though they could not see each other.

Years passed and Lynn and Lauren were still very good friends, always talking on the phone even though they could not see each other.

They had understood the importance of friendship and the big bond of friendship they had even though they were very far from each other.

After many years, they went college, and decided to go together. Both of them wanted to be doctors to save people´s lives, so they could see each other and were very good friends forever.



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