Short Stories in English written by: Manuel Ibarra.

Not forgetting that approximately one month ago, he had lost a bet on the game: “The consonants go to the zoologic gardens“. Daniel met his cousin Andrew at the Birthday Party of a family friend.

Sitting in a corner, Daniel took a pencil and paper and asked his cousin: “Do you want to play a consonant game, with the names of our families?”

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His cousin Andrew replied: “Sure! I accept, and I am sure I will win again!”

They began to write without wasting time and after a few minutes Daniel exclaimed excitedly:



“I have finished! Listen, this is my list: Aunt Becky, Cousin Charlie, Cousin Don, my sister Giomar, Aunt Hanoi, my Grandmother Hayden, my Godfather Mikel, Aunty Molly my uncle Peter, my cousin Victor, my mum Xena, my dad Yacov and my aunt Zahara!

After listening to his cousin read the list, Andrew said:

“Hey! that consonant list is not complete, you missed some names! Listen mine: my aunt Becky, my grandmother Catherine, my godfather Charlie, my godmother Ciara, my cousin Daniel, my aunt Gladys, Cousin Giomar, my mum Hanoi, my aunt Hayden, my uncle Jonas, Uncle James, Cousin Leonard,, my grandmother Molly, my grandpa Marcus, Cousin Nora, Cousin Sam, Cousin Thomas, my cousin Victor, my aunt Xena, my uncle Yacov and my aunt Zahara!”.

With a stern look on his face, Daniel took the list and raced to meet his mum, Andrew followed him. Xena saw him arriving all sweaty and asked:

– “What´s wrong, son? Why are you running?”.

Daniel showed her the list and said: “Mum, look! Here is my list of consonants! Can you read it and tell my cousin Andrew that I won the bet!”

Xena took the list intrigued. After reading it carefully, she asked her nephew to show her his. After reading it too she exclaimed:

– “Listen Daniel, there is no doubt that your cousin´s list of consonants is more complete than yours. I recognize you made a big effort, son and I congratulate you both. Now come and approach the table, we are going to sing happy birthday and eat cake!”.

The kids approached the table and forgot for a moment the disagreement and their state of euphoria from playing the consonants game.



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