Short Story written by: Sandra Lorena

Rose woke up one morning to go for  for a walk around her castle. She saw the rain through the window, the wet trees and plants that looked beautiful. So she went down stairs to have breakfast.

Rose ate really fast because she wanted to go out to play. When she finished she took an umbrella and went into her garden. She jumped over the puddles, ran and had fun. She was always in contact with nature.


When it had stopped raining, Rose went inside her castle to write down everything she had done that morning in her diary. Then she went onto her terrace to see her garden from there.

She thought:

“This is my castle and I will never leave it because I can see marvellous things from here.”

Rose was very happy living in her castle surrounded by flowers, trees and animals. She was responsible for feeding the animals and watering the flowers, always played and enjoyed herself, and above all, she was a very nice and generous girl.



The moral of the story: Is important to value what you have.


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