New Short Story for Children written by: Laura Vaquera.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Lauren, she was always organizing pyjamas parties.

One day, she invited her friends Monica, Rebecca, Rachel and Mimi. Their parents brought them to Lauren´s house and Vanessa, Rachel´s cousin, took her.


Lauren´s mom apologized to Vanessa because the pyjamas party was only for the girls and she could not stay. They left the meeting room, and Vanessa went home too sad, but rules were rules. Rachel did not say anything and went to play with her friends.



Lauren´s brother, called Victor, told Mimi and Monica not to worry, they would play whatever else. Told them to put on a swim cap like him and Lauren (who went to swimming lessons), and special glasses too. Then brought them to the courtyard and they all had so much fun and laugh a lot playing with the hose.

Then, they went to see Lauren´s grandmother, her aunt Isabelle was there too, who asked them why were they on their pyjamas and Lauren said:

– “It´s a sleepover!”

They had a snack after a few hours and then left Lauren´s house.

After some months, the Spanish teacher told them to perform a play as homework. And as Mimi was not in the school, Lauren sat with other girl called Daisy.

Victor was not in class either, so they chose Hector for their team. The teacher told them the subject of the play, but Hector did not like it at all, so decided to go to talk to the teacher and finally the teacher let them to perform another play which made everybody happy.


Moral of the Short Story: Democracy.


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