Short Story written by: Cristhiane Celeste Galarza (7 years old)

Lassie was a playful but naughty dog who always up to mischief.

He always watched people playing with other dogs. One day he saw a kid going alone into a magic shop. Lassie waited for him outside to check what he was doing.

When the boy came out, he had a plastic bag that caught lassie´s attention, because it had two packs of sausages inside!


The naughty dog could not resist the temptation, and bit into the plastic bag, stole the sausages and ran away. Once he felt safe, he stopped in an alley to devour the sausages.

He never would have expected what happened next. He began to feel weird, dizzy and tired. Suddenly he felt his body jump and then fell sharply to the ground.

“What´s going on?!” – he wondered. He saw his reflection in a store window and what he saw was unbelievable. He had turned into a dachshund! – “Wow! magic exists!” – he screamed.

Excited, he went to tell his friends, but they didn´t trust him and treated him like a stranger.

“What am I going to do now that my friends don´t recognize me?” – and he left the place very sad and went home.

When he arrived home his owner was outside waiting for him, but he obviously didn’t recognise Lassie either. “Get out, dog! You are not Lassie!”

Poor Lassie was really sad, as he had no place to go. He wandered up and down the main square and a woman approached him:

“Hi Lassie, I think you have learnt the lesson, haven’t you?”

It was the magic shop owner – “You can´t take what’s not yours, you can´t steal, now nobody can recognise you”

“Yes! I have learnt a lesson and I want to apologize, I won´t ever steal again!” – replied Lassie.

The shop owner gave him a magic biscuit that turned him back to his original look. Lassie thanked the woman again and went running home anxious to see his owner and his friends.



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