Short Stories for girls and boys written by: Rosa Jimenez Peralta.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Dayane, she was very disobedient, never obeyed her mum, and her mum wanted to teach her a lesson. She punished her every time she behaved badly, but Dayana continued the same as always and didn’t care about the consequences.

She knew it was for her own good. Her mum loved her and didn´t want anything bad to happen to her, thats why she always gave her advice.


One day, Dayane woke up very early. When her mum saw her she told her to sit on a wood chair. Dayane didn´t want to, so her mom asked her to take another chair, but the rebellious girl said:

– “No!”



The chair moved and broke and she fell over. Her mom looked at her and said, “I told you” and laughed.

“See, dear daughter, I don´t ask you to do things to torment you, I tell you to do things for your own good, because I love you so much. And I´m laughing because I warned you and you ignored me. To obey is good, it is not a curse. Actually it is good, because I am showing you my love and you show me yours. If you don’t obey me I won´t know if you really love me. See what I want to do if you don´t change. As you always say, you have the obligation to do what I tell you to do, and you say it´s unfair because you have the freedom of doing what you want because you are independent and you don´t like me taking you out of danger. But if I order you to do something it is for your own good. Imagine living with a rude daughter. You wouldn’t like it when you are an adult, cooking, paying expenses, working, nobody would like you if you were like that. If you keep behaving so badly, I will have to send you to another place to study, but there, we won´t be together, we will only see each other once a week, or even less. Neither of us would like that, so, think about what are you going to do, I hope you change. I will help you to change to be a better person, if you do your part. We will work together to make you really happy, and I will be happy too if I see you doing well.”.

The girl´s eyes filled with tears because she knew that living far away would be difficult. She felt sorry and promised her mum she would change, and that she had deserved the punishment due to her bad behaviour with her mum.

From that day on, daughter and mum worked on their good manners, better education and, in short, human values that she had to learn. They lived together always and were very happy.


Moral of the Story: Always obey your parents, If you behave right, life will reward you. The love of a mother is the best in the world and we have to make the best of that love, demonstrating that we love her by obeying her.

Values of the Short Story: Obedience, love, recognising our mistakes, assuming the consequences.


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