Short Story written by: Elisabeth Durango  Hernandez

Hector was always eating junk food. He loved it and his mother allowed him to do it.

Used to eat five peaces of pizza only for breakfast with strawberry milkshake; nine hot dogs at lunch time with coke, and seven big burgers for dinner.


Over time, Hector became a very fat boy and everybody made fun of him at school.

People in class called him fatty Hector, and he used to feel lonely, what made him eat even more to calm his feelings.

One day, Hector was eating his hot dogs when realized that to be respected by the others had to respect himself first.

Decided to change his eating habits, told his mother to buy healthy food instead of junk food, and began to eat healthy.

Little by little, Hector became a healthy and strong boy. He enjoyed playing football with his class mates and felt happier than ever. He had high self-steem and was nice to everybody.



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