Short Stories for Kids written by: Rosa Godoy Mendez.

– “Peter! Pick up your toys!” – said his mum for the fifth time.

But Peter was so excited with his new video game, that he didn´t obey his mother.


– “Please, Peter, I´m not repeating it again, it´s time to have a shower and then eat dinner”.



Peter reluctantly stopped playing the last video game of a game saga he was collecting; “Pirates from the cursed island”. It was super interesting.

After dinner, his mum asked Peter to help her clear the table, but Peter ran to his room to continue playing the video game, instead of picking up the dirty dishes.

– “This kid is such a disaster! Have you seen the bathroom? Peter, pick up your clothes! Peter! Peteeeeeeer!!”

The next day, Peter woke up wondering why his mum hadn´t called him at the same time as always to go to school. He went downstairs to the kitchen and what a surprise when there at the table sat was One-eyed Captain! the pirate from his video game!

– “Bu…but…where is my mum? What are you doing here?”

– “Your mum does not live here any more, she got tired of you ignoring her every time she asks you to do something. Now, I will live in your house with my crew, and you will do everything we order you to do”.

– “Bu..bu..but…”

– “But nothing, I was waiting for you to wake up to prepare my breakfast. Hurry up, my crew is about to come”.

Peter started working, preparing breakfast for the whole crew, and then had to clear the table, wash the dishes and tidy up the kitchen.

After many adventures through the seven seas, the Captain and his crew wanted to take a bath. After the bath, Peter had to pick up all the clothes and clean all the mess in the bathroom.

Peter spent the whole day following the pirates, picking up everything around. When night time arrived, Peter was very tired, and he asked the pirates to help him with the cleaning. The Captain looked at him and all of them started laughing. Then Peter woke up.

He then understood that it had all been just a dream, and thought:

– “My mum might be as tired as I was in my dream every night. From now on I´m going to help her , and I´m going to clean and tidy up”.

That day, His mum could not believe what she was seeing. Peter helped her to clear the table and he picked up his clothes. She didn´t understand what was going on, Only Peter knew every time he looked at his video game.


Moral of the short story for Kids: People don´t value what others do, until they are in the same situation.

Values of the Short Story for Kids: Solidarity and helping the others.


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