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Charlie was an eight year old boy who was obedient, humble and dedicated. His father was a carpenter and his mother was a housewife and they barely had any money to eat because his father barely had any work in the village.

Charlie went to school in the village every day. He was a very smart kid, always getting high results. He was top of his class even if he only studied a little.

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Michael was also eight years old. He was the son of a landowner that owned property at about three kilometers from the village.  He had a lot of livestock and a huge amount of farmland. His father was also a bank manager and so it was a very wealthy family.

Michael was at the same school as Charlie but even when he studied a lot and was very dedicated, he could not get good results like Charlie and could only just pass his exams.

Charlie and Michael sat at the same table. They got on very well with each other as class mates and as friends. Charlie used to help Michael with his homework and help him get better results.

After five years they were very good friends and had no secrets between them.

Charlie used to visit Michael at his house by bike whereasMichael would go to school in his father´s car driven by his chauffeur.

Michael´s parents really liked Charlie because he was a very good friend to their son and because he always helped him in class.

One day they offered Charlie’s father work on their property as a carpenter repairing their carts, fences and doing other tasks around the farm. They were very thankful to Michael´s parents.

When it was time to start high school they went together Michael´s dad’s car and they went every day until they finished high school as they were still very good friends.

When they were eighteen years old, Michael and Charlie wanted to study engineering at university, but Charlie´s parents did not have the money to pay for it and so Charlie could not go. Michael´s parents decided to pay for Charlie and help them both study a good degree for their future.

So, both of them signed up for the engineering degree and after five years graduated with honours. Michael finished an agricultural engineering degree and Charlie finished a naval engineering degree.

To be poor or rich does not matter, good friendship is what matters as that is where equality between people exists.



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