Short Story written by: Laura (11 years old)

Peter, Jenny, John and Mary were four brothers and sisters living in a big house with their parents. They were lively and playful, always playing together, going to the park and having fun.

Years passed and each one of them became independent. Their parents were very sad but Jenny, who lived next door, visited them often.


They finally agreed to have lunch together every sunday at their parents house.

The family were happy to see them every week especially the parents who enjoyed seeing their children very much. They were now adults, but they played like kids when they were all together.

Every Sunday, Peter and Mary had a paella cooking competition. It was fun for the rest but Pter and Mary sometimes ended up arguing about the ingredients.

One day, Peter cooked the Paella alone. When the family tasted it, they noticed a very strong flavor. It was very salty.

Everybody complained about the Paella and that´s when Peter and Mary realised that cooking together was much better than having a competition. In this way they could teach their cooking knowledge to each other. 




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