New Short Story for Kids written by: Maria y Nuria.

Once upon a time…

There was a girl called Brigitte whose dream was to have lots of friends and a very beautiful voice.

One day, she got lost in the middle of six roads and did not know were to go. She first chose the blue road, where she found a nice scarecrow, they became very good friends.

children friends kids short story

The next day took the gray road, where she met a robot called Betty, it was a very kind robot girl and became very good friend of the girl too.



They found a doll and called her Holly, the doll became real and became their friend too.

There was a sad flower in front of Brigitte´s house, and she took her to her house to take care of her and became her friend. They met a little Bear called Alex that was beside.

They all went for a walk together and saw a fairy who granted them a wish.

Do you want to know the wish? To have an incredible voice! they all began to sing and hugged each other when finished, claiming that were going to be always together.

And that is the end of the story…

Moral of the Short Story for Kids: believe in your dreams and will become real.

Values of the Short Story for Kids: Show affection to your friends.


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