There was once an orange called Clementiny who lived in the biggest and prettiest orange tree in the field. The field where Clementiny lived was in the city of Valencia, Spain, where the best oranges in the world are grown.

Clementiny was very happy living in that tree, for he had everything he needed: sunlight to grow, water to drink and other orange friends with whom to share happy days.

But for some while now, the climate hadn’t been quite the same… Clementiny’s friend the rain no longer visited the field as often as before. And the sun seemed to be lazy and no longer shone as she had before.

Short stories-Clementiny and the valencian orange tree

One day Clementiny asked the orange tree: “What’s wrong, orange tree? Are you feeling all right? Your branches are all slumping…”

“I’m okay,” replied the orange tree, “but I feel a bit weak because it hasn’t rained for many days and I can’t do my photosynthesis very well, which is why I have no strength in my branches. I hope it rains soon!

Clementiny grew thoughtful, for although it wasn’t raining, he himself felt strong and healthy. So he asked an old orange who lived next-door: “Why is the orange tree so tired, while we oranges are all ok?” The old orange answered: “Clementiny, we get all our energy from the tree, because it is the tree that supplies us with food. It hasn’t rained for a long time now, so the tree is gradually dying - because he is giving the little energy he has to us.”

Clementiny’s mouth fell open at hearing these words, and he began to think about what he could do to help the orange tree… Continue reading…


There was once a donkey whose name was Bruno. He lived with his master, an elderly man called Alfred. Every day, Bruno and his owner would go to the fields to work the earth. They looked after it so well that no weeds grew, and they ploughed and sowed the seeds.

Bruno’s job was very important, for he was responsible for the hardest tasks and that helped Alfred not to get so tired.

Like every day, today Bruno and Alfred were in the fields. While his owner snoozed under a tree, Bruno took the opportunity to eat something. Suddenly, something began moving beneath the earth where Bruno was eating… and up came a mole!!

Short stories - the intelligent donkey

“What are you doing eating my soil? Silly donkey… Can’t you see this is private property!?! Go on! Get out of here!!” scolded the mole.

Bruno answered: “I’m sorry, Mr. Mole, but this soil belongs to my owner and I can eat anything I want. By the way, I’m not going to go away, and what’s more I can see you’ve tried to trick me…”

The mole was surprised to see he hadn’t managed to deceive the donkey; Bruno seemed to be more intelligent than other donkeys he knew…

“Don’t be angry, donkey, I didn’t mean to trick you! I didn’t know this land belonged to your owner…” answered the mole.

Bruno replied: “Let me tell you one thing, Mr. Mole. It’s not right to take advantage of others. You thought that all donkeys are silly, but you shouldn’t be prejudiced.”

And so the mole went back inside his molehill, blushing and reflecting on what had happened. Our dear friend Bruno the donkey had taught the mole a very valuable lesson: there’s no need to trick anyone, for you will achieve much more if you are a good and honest person.