There was once an orange called Clementiny who lived in the biggest and prettiest orange tree in the field. The field where Clementiny lived was in the city of Valencia, Spain, where the best oranges in the world are grown.

Clementiny was very happy living in that tree, for he had everything he needed: sunlight to grow, water to drink and other orange friends with whom to share happy days.

But for some while now, the climate hadn’t been quite the same… Clementiny’s friend the rain no longer visited the field as often as before. And the sun seemed to be lazy and no longer shone as she had before.

Short stories-Clementiny and the valencian orange tree

One day Clementiny asked the orange tree: “What’s wrong, orange tree? Are you feeling all right? Your branches are all slumping…”

“I’m okay,” replied the orange tree, “but I feel a bit weak because it hasn’t rained for many days and I can’t do my photosynthesis very well, which is why I have no strength in my branches. I hope it rains soon!

Clementiny grew thoughtful, for although it wasn’t raining, he himself felt strong and healthy. So he asked an old orange who lived next-door: “Why is the orange tree so tired, while we oranges are all ok?” The old orange answered: “Clementiny, we get all our energy from the tree, because it is the tree that supplies us with food. It hasn’t rained for a long time now, so the tree is gradually dying - because he is giving the little energy he has to us.”

Clementiny’s mouth fell open at hearing these words, and he began to think about what he could do to help the orange tree…

After a while, he began calling out to the tree next door, which had been looked after by an old farmer for many years. “Hello next-door orange tree!! Can you hear me?” A serious voice answered: “Hello Clementiny, yes I can hear you. What do you want?”

I need your help! Our tree is dying because it hasn’t had any water for many days. I know you’re a good tree, and that’s why the old farmer looks after you. Is there any way you could help us?” asked Clementiny.

Well, the next day brought with it a very odd sight: the tree next door had adopted a rather strange position with most of its strong branches pointing towards Clementiny’s tree… Can you guess why?

Just as he did every day, the farmer came to water the tree and when he arrived he couldn’t believe his eyes. But he understood straightaway – for when he looked over at Clementiny’s tree, he knew that the poor tree needed water.

From that day on, the farmer would take his hose and water both trees. Little by little, Clementiny’s tree regained its strength and its branches became as slender and beautiful as they ever were. So what was the lesson our little friend Clementiny learned? That’s right, that water is essential for all life on earth.