Short Story written by: Diana Lagarta

Lily was a beautiful, freckly girl who really wanted to go to school, but she couldn´t because she lived too far away from it.

One day, Lily was gathering flowers in the field when she saw a beautiful woman looking at her.


Short stories - The wicked fairy kidnapper


“Hi girl, what´s your name? ” – asked the woman.

“Hi, I am Lily, who are you?”

“I am your Fairy Godmother, and I´m here because I know you want to go to school but you can´t. I want to help you Lily”.

“Are you really a Fairy Godmother?, Can I make a wish?” – said Lily – and she asked her for a bike to ride to school.

The Fairy Godmother fulfilled her wish, and Lily went to school and made lots of friends.

Her parents were very surprised and happy to know that a Fairy Godmother was taking care of their daughter.




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