Short Stories written by: Ruderico Diaz Romero (Venezuela)


A group of kids were playing at the playground when one of them found a little cricket with big green eyes singing beside a flower.

One kid really liked the song and started to sing with him and the other kids soon joined in.

Short stories - Springtime and the flowers

Then they all started to dance, and found that they couldn’t stop. Something was making them dance and sing. Maybe it was the melody, they didn´t know why, but they were full of happiness.

Soon, their parents, neighbours and family joined that beautiful party. Singing and dancing. Enjoying the moment.

After some hours, the cricket stopped and said:

“I have to go, the party was beautiful, an example of love and brotherhood. Don´t forget to enjoy every day with your loved ones, and be nice to people.”

Then he left leaving everybody happy and knowing that they had learnt an important lesson and that was to distribute happiness and be nice to people, and then they will make you happy too.




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