Short Story written by: Rosa Riera

Robert is a very cheerful kid, he is always laughing: Ha ha ha! ho ho ho! hu hu hu!

Robert laughs and laughs, but… it hurts, it hurts! Why does it hurts when he laughs? Because he laughs so hard!


His contagious laugh hurts his mum, hurts his dad and hurts his brother!

– Stop Robert, stop!

Laughing is nice ! – says Robert

– We know but, better to laugh softly…. Ha ha ha, hi hi hi, ho ho ho….. – Nobody can hold back from laughing!

– Stop, Robert, stop! Go out, please!

But when Robert goes out laughing, everybody starts laughing too. It hurts the neighbour, it hurts the postman, it hurts the other neighbour!

– Please Robert! Stop, it hurts, it hurts!

So Robert is now sad. Nobody likes him laughing, he can´t laugh at home, he can´t laugh on the street. – “where can I go?” – he wonders.

He goes to the zoo. Surely all the animals will love him laughing.

He arrives and laughs and laughs and laughs! Ha ha ha, hi hi hi, ho ho ho…!

But it hurts, it hurts the lion, it hurts the elephant, it hurts the bear...

– Please Robert stop! – say the animals.

Robert is sad again. Nobody wants him to laugh. Suddenly he hears something coming from somewhere near. Hi hi hi hi, ha ha ha ha, ho ho ho….

Robert is shocked, what is it? He looks around, where is the laugh?!

It’s a hyena laughing hard!… Hi hi hi, ho ho ho, ha, ha, ha!

– Please hyena stop! – say the animals

– No! Hyena, please laugh with me! Hu, hu, hu, ha, ha, ha, hi, hi, hi !

Robert laughs, the hyena laughs and it hurts… everybody!

– Robert stop! Hyena stop!

Ho,ho, ho, ha, ha, ha, hu, hu, hu, hi, hi, hi!



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