Short Story for kids, written by: Antonella Martinez Piriz.

A long time ago, there was a girl called Eve who lived with her father. Her dream was to go to the beach. She really wanted to be there.

When she arrived at school she asked her friend if she had been to the beach. Her friend told her how beautiful t was and how Eve was going to love it when she could see it.


Then Eve went home, took out her bike and rode to the beach. It was really, really far, but she didn’t care because it was her dream.

Eve finally arrived and when she saw the beach she said: “My friend is right, the beach is beautiful, I don´t understand why Dad never showed it to me.” Eve thought that probably he had a good reason for that, and then she stayed there until the sun went down.

Her father and her friend were worried about her. So her father went in his car to look for her. He knew that she was at “Sun beach“. When he arrived he found her there. “There’s my daughter!”- he shouted.

Eve went to hug her father, because she was actually lost and a bit scared. Her father told her that she shouldn’t leave her house without permission, and she asked if they could go to the beach together during the summer.

When summer arrived Eve, her father and her friend went to the beach and were very, very happy.


The moral of the story: Children have to obey their parents, because they only want the best for them.

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