Short Story written by: Stephany Gabriela (10 years old)

In a little town near a river lived a nice crocodile who everybody ignored. People were nice and happy except when with him.

An old woman always disturbed him and the rest of the animals used to blame him for everything, even if it wasn´t his fault.

Short stories - The lame crocodile

One day, the poor crocodile was relaxing on the riverbank when a group of people started to make fun of him. When a little boy saw this, he approached him: “Don´t worry little crocodile, I will be your friend” – the crocodile was very happy: “Thank you so much, now I have a friend.”.

Weeks passed by and the crocodile and the child became very good friends. One morning something strange had happened, somebody had stolen all the food from all the houses.

The fuss captured the prince´s attention and he went to see what was going on: “Who has done this?” – he asked.

– “I saw a toad enter the houses last night.” – said the crocodile

– “Then go to his house and see what he is doing.” – said the prince

The crocodile went to the toad´s house. When he arrived he saw all the stolen food inside.

He recovered the food and took it back to the houses, and from that day on everybody in town has respected the crocodile and learnt to not judge anyone before getting to know them.




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