Children’s story written by María José López Muñoz, 19

Once upon a time there was a little bright star. Everyone called her Red because of her particularly bright red color. She was the first star to come out at night, and everyone believed in her. People would look up to the skies and make a wish, and Red, through her special magic, would make every wish come true.

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One night, Red received a strange request from a little girl that confused and puzzled her. The little girl wanted a guardian angel. The little star searched all over the universe, but couldn’t find an angel for the little girl. She gave the little girl a best friend, but realised that was not what the girl had requested. It was the first time the little star was unable to make someone’s wish come true.

Red became very sad, and stopped shining on dark nights.  People still looked for her, but she kept very quiet.  Little by little she last her brightness, and as it happened, one by one, people stopped believing in her.

Years went by, and one night when Red was in the sky, sad and without a glimmer, she heard a voice calling her. The sweet voice talking to her sounded very familiar:

“Red, Red, please come out wherever you are,” the voice said.  “I have been searching for you for a long time, but I can’t find you in the sky anymore,” the voice continued.  “I just wanted to thank you for making my dream come true. I asked you for a guardian angel, and you gave me the best angel possible. Thank you again, and I hope to see you soon, radiant and shining like the first time I saw you.”

The little star was puzzled but happy. She looked down and saw that the little girl was now a woman.  Beside her was the friend the star had given her many years ago. Red realised that angels don’t need wings. An angel is someone who takes care of you, loves you, brings balance to your life, and is always there for you: An angel is your friend.

The star was very happy as she now understood that angels have roles and the role of this angel was to be the girl’s best friend.  Red started to shine again and her colour came back.  From that day on, she believed in herself again and went straight back to making other people’s wishes come true.  She started glowing with the same magical glow, and people began to notice how bright she was glowing in the dark night sky, and they began asking her to grant their wishes again. The big difference in Red now is that she would never again fade away.



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