Short Story for Children written by: Mariana Vanessa Saldaña Armas (9 years old) (Peru).

There was a family that moved to a city called Gruseville which had a secret myth of terror that they didn´t know about.

The legend says that, if a girl goes alone into the forest on halloween night and sees her reflection in the town´s lake, a devil will appear and steal her soul, because this is how he got his nourishment.

short story halloween devil

One day, Linda, the eldest daughter in the family went for a walk to the lake alone because she did not want anything bad to happen to her family.


When she saw her reflection in the lake, her soul was taken from her and she lost consciousness.

The next morning, Linda woke up in her bed, but everything seemed different. Everything was terrifying. Her parents and siblings weren´t there, it was raining ash outside, and it was cloudy.

It felt like she was alone in the town. Suddenly, dark shadows surrounded her and scared her. Linda ran away to the church as far from the danger as possible.

When she arrived at the church, the bell sounded and everything went dark, but she felt safe inside. She walked up to a bench and lied down to pray, watching the image of Jesus on the cross and soon she fell asleep completely.

When she woke up, she was at the bank of the lake again. She ran back home and when she arrived she saw all her family and hugged them happily promising never to become separated from them again.



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