Short Story for boys and girls written by: Valenzuela Fox (7 years old).

Once upon a time there was a kid called Arthur who went to collect halloween sweets. He dressed up as a pirate and, after finishing asking for sweets, went home.

Arthur went to his room after dinner, took his teddy bear and fell asleep. His parents wished him good night and kissed him happily to sleep.


While sleeping, a noise gave him a start and he woke up. Arthur looked under the bed and there on the floor was a giant! But Arthur was not scared.



Then he heard another strange noise from inside the wardrobe and it was Mr. Vampire. Later still, he heard a noise coming from the window, and this time it was a ghost.

The noises continued increasing inside the room without stopping. Arthur was worried when heard the door open but calmed down when saw his parents, who had biscuits and Arthur’s  halloween candies.

Together they ate the biscuits and candies he had collected that terrifying day.

And that is the end of the story…

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