Short Story written by: Delsy Janet Quispe Goto.

Brenda had been watching TV all day long and then she fell asleep. She began to dream that she was flying over fields and that she met a butterfly called Lily.

Lily showed Brenda beautiful places. They played together and became very good friends.


Suddenly, Lily got trapped in a spider’s web – “Help, help! – she screamed

– “Don´t worry, I will save you!” – said Brenda

But she could only fly around the web without finding a way to save Lily. Lily cried as the big spider slept, then Brenda had an idea. It wasn´t very reliable, but she had to try.

She breathed deeply, and went directly to talk with the spider. The spider was big, hairy and black, which made her even more terrifying.

- “Please, Miss Spider, wake up, please”

The spider looked at Brenda…

– “Who are you? What are you doing?”

-“My name is Brenda, and I´m begging for your help.  My friend Lily is trapped in your spider’s web, please let her go, she is the only friend I have.”

The spider, who was in a good mood, set Lily free.

Just at that moment Brenda woke up and realised that it had been a dream. She rubbed her eyes with her fists and noticed that her hands were covered with a spider’s web. Had it really just been a dream?




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