Dory was the most colourful butterfly in the butterfly town of Aley. When Dory flew over the big fields of Aley everything turned colourful and bright.

She was a very happy butterfly, and everybody near her could feel her enthusiasm and optimism.

One rainy day a green lizard arrived in Aley looking for food, but unfortunately this lizard´s favourite food was butterflies.


It didn´t take long for the butterflies to hear about the evil lizard’s arrival. Aley had been such a secure place for so many years that nobody in the universe knew about its existence.

But everything changed when a cruel butterfly flew out of Aley to look for other fields and met the green lizard. The lizard was about to eat her when the astute butterfly struck a deal with him. She told him about the existence of Aley in exchange for letting her go free:

“Don´t eat me!” – said the cruel butterfly with a trembling voice.

“Give me one reason why not?” – said the lizard.

“I will tell you about a place full of butterflies”.

And that’s when Aley´s nightmare started.

All the butterflies hid under the leaves until the rain stopped and that helped them see the lizard coming.

Our friend Dory had an special characteristic that the other butterflies didn´t. She could become invisible!.

When Dory saw the Lizard coming she warned the rest of the butterflies and then set a trap for the lizard. When he was crossing the river bridge, Dory’s trap opened and he fell down into the river and was washed away.




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