Short Story written by: Angel Eduardo Espino A.

Long, long time ago, there was a sad kid living in a small village, he was so sad because nothing made him laugh.

One day, his sister called different jokers and comedians from all over the world, but none of them was useful. The kid was bored of their jokes, until his sister called the best comedian of  the world.

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The comedian told him some jokes, but none of them was useful either, finally, the kid pushed the joker, tired of his jokes, and he fell inside a trash can being wounded.



When his sister found out, went to talk to her brother.

– “Why did you push that man!?”

And the kid said: “His jokes are so boring, and I was tired of them”.

His sister orderer him to apologize, but he ignored her.

She went to apologize to the joker, said:

-“I am really sorry for what my brother did to you, he is sad, you make me laugh so much telling those jokes…Why don´t you try it again, maybe he laughs”.

The joker told some jokes again, but the kid did not laugh either, finally, the joker asked him:

– “Why do you not laugh?”

And the kid said: “I´m not happy without my mother, I feel that I am nothing; she died one year ago”.

“The past is the past, live the present although you miss your mother. You have to move forward, I´m talking from experience, I lived the same at your age, but I saw the positive and overcame it. Now I am going to tell you a joke again, if I may”.- said the joker.

The kid listened and bursted out laughing; his sister cried with joy.

The kid jumped and hugged the comedian, and also thanked him. He was so surprised that asked him why was he hugging him like that, the kid said.

– “Because you took out my hiding laugh”

The kid and the joker are very good friends since then.


Moral of the Story: Try to move forward and overcome your problems. Look at the bright side of life.


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