Short Story written by: Ana Maria Amarfil

Every year a Big circus comes to the city, We the children are anxious to see the big lion opening his big mouth and showing his teeth.

The lion tamer is a tall, young man that puts his head into the lion´s mouth while all the women and children scream.

Children´s stories - THE SUN CIRCUS CLOWN

We all think that the lion is going to bite him, but the young tamer takes his head out of the lion´s mouth and smiles and we all feel relieved.

The tamer talks to the Lion before every performance and it looks like the animal understands him as it roars and moving its head.

I think they are very good friends because of the way they understand each other. The tamer uses the whip during each performance, cracking it against the floor, and the sound makes the lion obey him.

Later Mike the magician appears, dressed in a black suit and he makes a green toucan with blue wings disappear inside a hat. Then the magician says some magic words and the green toucan reappears.

I also like the little, long tail monkeys dressed up as a clowns in striped suits. The clown is a fat man who plays with three other clowns. They make the little monkeys play and jump, and it is really funny because the little monkeys are very funny and disobedient.



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